duck marinade


1 tblsp. dark soy sauce

1tblsp. premium light soy sauce

tblsp. ketjap menis

tblsp.Hot chillie sauce

1 tblsp. sweet chilli sauce

1tsp. Chinese 5 spice

ground 1 star anise

heaped tsp. crushed ginger

crushed garlic


1 tblsp. olive oil


put all ingredients in a jug and microwave for 30 seconds

pour over the duck in a baking dish for a whole day, turning it occasionally. for a whole day.

cook in the same dish face down and uncovered at 160 degrees for an hour.

turn it over and cook for another hour or till tender. [test with a skewer]

serve with stirfry veggies. and noodles.

you can strain the juice, remove fat. add a bit of water and thicken with a little cornflour.