Tarpeena Tales 20


That's it, then.
Just like a drunk who has given it up,Malcolm and Julian going for a walk
Just like a smoker who has given it up,
Just like a Geelong supporter who should give it up,
I couldn't bear to be without my daily fix of walking the dog and, after searching the web sites for strays and mutts that would suit my pocket and my lifestyle for weeks, eventually found some cheaper dogs that were close to home, would be active and would live together in harmony.

True they weren't the mature creatures I was looking for, true they will grow to be as big as a small greyhound, remember I gave a greyhound away! .
Well in case you don't read the Tarpeena Tales I DID give a greyhound away - but in SA greyhounds have to be muzzled which stops them being the perfect companion, running free along side you as you trek through the pines around here.
Anyway I digress.
I found a couple of kelpies, males, kennel mates, soul mates that can play with each other until I walk into the yard and then they compete for my attention.
Different characters, one  - ebullient energetic and hungry who would crash through a fence if there was something interesting  on the other side, bit like me. The other a slow eater , intelligent, will please you but only if it pleases him to and who worked out in no time how to get out of the yard , open the rubbish can full of dog food and who takes his time to survey the situation before going ahead.

 Don't know who that is like but its not me.

 Banjo is the rash brash crash one. Buddha , named after the last hard man that played for Geelong and didn't take drugs, is the slow and steady one, maybe he should have been called Eddie!
Anyway, we now  have Nuran getting out of bed early and walking the dogs with me. This is because , by myself, I end up with leads that are crisscrossed and arms like Inspector Gadget.
Already we have Banjo sitting instinctively at command but Buddha having to be pushed into it. The thing is Buddha will sit until told to rise whereas Banjo will get up five times in five minutes and sit down when told every time but still get up a minute later.
I didn't want puppies because I don't have the time to train them, read - Tarpeena tales 19  but ,nonetheless , I AM training them!
They look good as a pair , just like Nuran and I do as a couple , especially when we are walking them together. And in the morning I am greeted by a boisterous bundle of canine joy when I let them out of the yard and take them to get the paper.
So far so good.
A man's got to have a dog ( or two) and a bad habit ( or two) and a good wife ( not two). .

Here's a photo of the dogs ...Banjo and Buddha. they were not  very co-operative and the one trying to get away is Banjo.


You can see Buddha wants his photo taken. Well he IS sitting still  and looking at the camera!