No matter how you plan a baby they  come in their own good time so it was with young Julian, the latest addition to the family. Nuran and I were enjoying the unusually balmy evening last Thursday when a sixth sense prompted Nuran to phone Bill to see how he was. Well he was a bit distracted as the baby had signalled it's imminent arrival by the proverbial breaking of the waters and they were on the countdown clock, counting down contractions! Ah happy days!

Giving the firm instruction to message  if anything happened we sat back and mused about life in general, the stars and everything else in the universe and went to bed planning a quick trip to Adelaide. Baby Julian's trip was a bit shorter and  he made it before we even left the driveway. So it was with news of his birth and the fact that we were now grandparents that we cruised to Adelaide. Ah happy days!

Holding a grandchild in your arms is comforting and seeing your own child doting after his new born is even better. Nothing that an old man can do but sit back and watch events unfold. No need for Grandpa to change nappies, no need for Grandpa to walk a fretful child around .No ! Grandpas' are there to nurse the newborn when he is nicely fed and changed  and just help him bring any wind up, Grandpas have plenty of that so they know what to do! And then if baby doesn't like the way they are nursed or Grandpas loud laugh they just get handed back to Dad. Ah happy days!

Grandmas are a lot more into it. Cooing and giving advice, needed or not, for times have changed since they last nurtured a kid but kids haven't. Picture the sight of both Grandmas working the night shift so Olivia and Bill could get to sleep. They were working out the best position for Julian to sleep while Grandpa slept away oblivious to babies cries, well I can't hear my mobile phone so how the hell could I hear Julian? Well I did hear him once but I just laughed to myself and went back to sleep. That's what Grandpas do. Isn't it strange that babies only sleep when someone else is awake. Julian is organising those around him quite well, that's what babies do.

Grandpas turn will come when Julian's mouth is not stuck on a nipple as soon as it opens and he has been fattened up enough to be played humptydoodle with and can rub his hand on a grizzled beard. That's what Grandpas are for. Ah happy days!

And life goes on the only way it can through a younger generation.

 Julian has a web site and if you click on the link below you can see him at a few hours old and follow his progress there.

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