The reason we have retired is that it makes it easier for our sons to summon us when they need help.

So it was with gay hearts that we answered Tonyís call to help him shift, especially as he had offered to pay the fuel costs up. A minor hiccup with a trailer loan meant we had to call on Donís help in lending us a trailer, thatís what mates are for- to be called on in time of need.

Those who have shifted houses know how time consuming it is.Packing and loading and transporting and then unpacking is bloody tiremsome once but when it means multiple trips it can become downright annoying. Well Tonyís shift was in between tiresome and annoying,the weather was hot and the new place is upstairs and along a verandah about a hundred yards long, well twenty anyway,and we had to make two trips but it was all done in good grace and what other reason would have had to go to Adelaide?

To see Bill and Olivia of course, after all Olivia is due to give birth soon and we stayed with them so we could get all the latest.We donít want to know whether it is a boy or a girl and if they know they are not giving it away. Exciting ainít it being expectant grandparents!

Olivia couldnít give me my usual thrashing at scrabble as I got involved putting up a website for the new baby keenan. You can visit it at www.babykeenan.malcolmandnuran.combut there aint much there yet.Anyway it was better than getting beaten at scrabble.

And to see John and Roxy of course.

So we journeyed to the outer limits of Adelaide to visit son John at Ridgehaven. After a delicious meal of Golden Syrup Chicken, a new recipe for those who like adventure in their cooking,it was decided that a game of darts would help the meal and the home brew beer to settle.
The evening was warm and balmy with a mild breeze blowing and the outdoor dart board therefore presented a problem for my floated darts. Never the less a close competition resulted and the score being level it was decided to play for a trophy in memory of the departed chicken we had consumed. Shame that things have to die to feed us but try telling THAT to a shark about to chomp you in half.

It's the law of nature, bigger things eat smaller and less harmful things.
So the Ridgehaven Rooster Trophy was played for, the winner getting crowing rights until the next time, and sad to say this was won by son John who timed the breeze to perfection and finished, stylishly, on a centre Bull. Sad to say he was not a gracious winner,more a crowing winner, but then winners are grinners and the losers can please themselves.
To show you how chagrined I was I even left my darts behind! Now like Beckham without a left foot andHewitt without a "c'mon" I am mute and uncomfortable.
John has promised to return the darts. I hope so I need the practise!

Tony had a further mission to return some of the stuff he had borrowed and a guided tour, that is I was guided by Tony, of Adelaide ensued and the stuff was returned. The sea at Brighton looked very inviting, but like in the Nora Creina trip I didnít want to spoil the beauty of the beach. And anyway there werent any beauties on the beach, just oldretirees trying to fill in their time swimming up and down. Apparently Glenelg has all the beauties! Never had time to go to Glenelg although I think we drove past it four times!

True to the Keenan homing instincts we drove straight home after ther job was done, in perfect weather,and on the waywe did our good deed for the day.

Two lads were walking towards Keith and they still had 15 kms to go when we picked them up. They looked just like John and Tony would have if their car had broken down and we felt sorry for them. Mind you our car was fully loaded and the trailer would have been more comfortable if a bit more breezy but we made room for them and the air conditioner brought a smile to their poor red faces. They had already walked 4km. A bad ride is better than a good walk, and a bloody site quicker, so they were transported to their home in Keith and we journeyed on happy to have helped someone in distress. Pity more donít do that on the road as one day even those big 4wds will break down and then two young bucks driving past will give them the finger instead.

At one time everyone in Australia would help anyone but times seemed to have changedand not for the better.

I remember when we were coming home from Melbourne with a pregnant Nuran in the car and her brother Sadiq we hit a monstrous kangaroo which killed itself and smashed our windscreen and radiator into the bargain. And this at 2 in the morning.So stuck as we were I was really pleased when a car stopped to see if I was waving at him or catching moths and then towed us all the way home to our door step.So if you can do a good deed you should.

Thatís what mates are for and in Australia everyone is a mate until they prove otherwise.

Have a nice day.


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