Tarpeena Tales


Retirement would be great if all it meant was lazing around watching TV playing with grandchildren and sampling the delights of both my home brew and Nuran's cooking.

You see I said WOULD BE because it ain't necessarily so. In fact I have been busier than than the proverbial bee lately. First John came down with partner Roxanne and insisted on beating beaten at darts which meant heaps of games although the home brew consumption also went up so that was a benefit, then the sofa bed arrived from Bill's place in Melbourne which meant that the single bed in the computer room had to be dismantled. It also led to the wardrobe being cleaned out as I had to find somewhere to put the excess bedding off the single bed, other than the first place I thought of which was the Salvos  It meant that the stuff that got cleared out of the wardrobe to make room for the bedding had to find a new place, this was Nuran's old wedding gear. Actually the gear was new ,only being worn once, but that was a bloody long time ago and the sight of it reminded Nuran of her lost youth and vitality so that got lovingly unfolded, sized and sighed about when it didn't fit and put away. But where it had to go was already occupied by some old stuff of Tony's.... boots
and army gear so that did end up in the Salvos bin.
John Davies came over to fix his car up and saw the sofa bed which had arrived in dismantled form from Melbourne, and said it looked dirty. Uptil  then it hadn't but once he said it did - it did! So that meant a shampooing and a trip to town to get the shampoo which meant shopping as you can't just get one thing can you. Well I think you can but Nuran doesn't. So we went to all the shops and found some bargains in the meat counter but that meant dividing all the meat up into meal sized portions and freezing what we didn't want to eat. And once we had done that it was ..too dark to wash the couch.
Now the couch is sitting leeringly on the back verandah waiting for it's shampoo before I can re- assemble it in the computer room. The only trouble is I have to shift the computer to make it fit!
Bugger it that can all wait until tomorrow, which is Friday but that is house cleanup day and Tony and his girlfriend Jo are coming down in the evening and the house must be clean for them.
Just as well I am retired or else I wouldn't have time to write this!