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You wonder, well I do anyway, the meaning of life when as you cycle along the back roads of Tarpeena musing only of the beauty of physical action on a perfect day with the wind blowing you along,ten million little black insects decided to commit suicide on your body. Leaving their entrails as reminders of the profundity of life you wonder whether their whole purpose is to annoy the shit out of you or whether your sole purpose is to bring an untimely end to their courtship rituals. Or indeed what the purpose is. Well I think it is the preservation of our DNA and letís have fun doing it along the way. I suppose the little black insects were until rudely interrupted by a bald cyclist on a perfect day.

Anyway life goes on, for the moment, and the petunias are blooming the home brew is bubbling, there is a delightful aroma coming from Nuranís kitchen and I beat Don at darts last night.

We have been busy on eBay and have a scanner coming so some old photos can go onto the web page, if I can work a scanner. We have a monitor coming which we didnít need as I got a free one from the school next door, so that is being diverted to Jim and we are giving digital cameras one more go.

John has been able to work the camera that was Billís, he is the new gatekeeper of that unit as it seemed too technologically advanced for us, and a couple of his horses photos from the Adelaide eventing are on the web to prove it.

We have realised that eBay is much like any auction -you end up with the crap whilst the real bargains are snapped up by those browsing with broadband that get in at the last minute. I have given up trying to get a cheap camera phone, especially since my last phone bill.

We nearly ended up with a TV we didnít want as too late we saw that it was only for pick up in Melbourne but luckily we were outbid. Especially as Olivia and Bill are staying in Adelaide a bit longer now a Melbourne pick up would have been more expensive than the perishing thing was worth. Lesson learnt.

The greyhound jointly owned by Keenanís, Moirís and John Davies- SCOTTISH FLING- is apparently going to race on Saturday 26th November.

Exciting times especially if it does actually get to the track. If it does then there will be a new web page developed for its feats! The decision to wear kilts at its maiden race has been rescinded as Martin Moir wonít be there, Ronnie is shy and I have legs that are better suited to a carrier pigeon than a kilt. The only one that can wear a kilt with aplomb is John Davies and he is apparently escaping his creditors by moving to Goondiwindi where you can see them coming by the size of the dust storm their vehicles create.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

The Mt. Gambier pageant was on yesterday and the highlight was the St. Martins Kindy float on which all of our kids have been participants. We think they are still using the same costumes. Nuran and I walked around the Blue Lake afterwards Ö the Blue Lake has not changed its colour this year yet. The colour change is a bit later than normal but the lake is still a wonderful sight..

So I shall now show my new found skill and post this on the web. And an update will be posted next Sunday.

Keep smiling and we loves youí all.



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