Tarpeena Tales


Well the new camera has arrived and is proving to be a doddle to work. The only drawback being that it doesn’t have a flash so its use is limited to daylight hours or well lit rooms. The best thing is that it is so small that even Trixie is curious as to what the hell it is and here is a decent photo of her looking surprised. Or indeed curious, which seeing as she CAN’T see more than 10 feet probably means that she doesn’t even know that I am snapping her.

Anyway today was one of her better days and she led me to the Pines and through them. I took the camera along in order to snap some ‘Roos but of course there were none there. We can’t even get in the right queues at the checkout or pick the powerball number so the fact that Skippy was missing on his otherwise big day is no surprise.

Whilst mowing the lawns I threw the ball to Trixie and most times she actually saw it and brought it back to me. But when she got tired of the stupid game she decided not to notice where the ball was and let me fetch the bloody thing to her. Now as I type this I wonder who the hell the smartest old fart around here is!

Never mind.

The second purchase on eBay was delivered to Jim and Angela and was a bargain it seems. Especially for Jim and Angela. Anyone want anything else, I like buying on eBay for other people.

The next door neighbours are settling in and now have perfect TV. I fixed their antennae for them. Now I have to go buy an antenna so we can get perfect SBS like them. I seem to have this foible of making work for myself.

The photos of my youth have arrived and to prove I too was once a child, hard as it may be to believe here is an early preview of Christine and me on our trikes.

Unlike Christine, though, I am still cycling!

There are more of these choice history moments to be put on a slide show.

The Blue Lake is still not deep blue. Can’t be far away.

I gave Don a hand on reconfiguring his computer, now it seems it won’t restore back to where it was. Cute eh!

Anyone out there have any ideas on this? Apart from not letting me near anyone’s computer again.