In the News

The Skate Park at Tarpeena has been planned to go on the oval just in front of our place and I have a bit of a battle with the council in trying to gain some modifications to the design. In fact they denied that I have ever  put in a submission, but were hoisted on their own petard when I forwarded to them a copy of an email acknowledging my submission. Obviously the council did have have the full views of the affected residents in front of them when they made the decision on the location and design! So I used the old ploy of sending my grievance to the media, aka  as the Border Watch. This at least got some action and lo and behold nice emails started coming from the council officers and the design has been changed to accommodate some of my concerns.

So a nice little article hit the "Border Watch" and photo of me  was placed in it. It didnt come up too bad considering I was instructed to not smile in order to hide my gappy teeth and to wear a hat to mask my balding head! These instructions came from those who live with me!

And wouldn't you know it but the same edition contained a better picture of John in a "Street Sweeper" segment giving his considered opinion on the paid maternity leave payment. So the paper was dubbed the "Keenan Watch" for the day by a smart alec at the Nangwarry Museum.

Anyway I have had my five minutes of fame or infamy and life has settled down to the usual round of darts, gardening ,bike riding and brewing.

Here is a link to a pdf  Border Watch Article of the newspapers articles featuring the Keenans of Tarpeena. It is not that clear on the photo but the print is fine