Tarpeena Tales

 Christmas and all that


Much to our surprise the family was altogether at Christmas and the carport enclosure was put to good use with the Christmas feast held there.   

The Weber roasted turkey and duck were done to a treat and the weather was kind, no nasty wind or too many flies. The grandkids enjoyed the extra space to  run around in and it didn't matter how much mess was put on the floor as the canine vacuum cleaner named Banjo could run around cleaning up the scraps. Julian and Eleanor enjoyed sleeping in the same room using one mattress as a trampoline and the other as the floor mat to land on. There was not much sleeping being done by the sound of the noise that could be heard as we played a game of Trivial Pursuit. John and I were teamed up and as the game had cards which were current in 1970 my ancient knowledge proved enough to get us home in a close one. As the kids were settled  by their parents a game of Euchre 500 followed in which Tony  and Jim made every call it seemed and cleaned me and John up. Nuran was constantly in the kitchen preparing the next treat as there was a different menu for each day, which she had planned for ages. It was all worthwhile though as her hungry horde ate their way through the freezers stocks.

Jim and I had gone out early in the morning to try and bag a rabbit or two, sneaking up on them by pushbike but unusually and uniquely I bet , there was  a wallaby on the road and it spooked the rabbits before we could fire a shot. And that after getting up at 5.30 for the expedition on Christmas day! But it WAS a nice morning. I have been down that road many a time  with Banjo to see rabbits darting everywhere and never seen a wallaby that far from the Pines, Banjo is about the most useless dog for rabbits one could have as he has the speed to catch them but just tries to herd them when he gets close instead of grabbing their tails and all that happens is the buggers go down a burrow.

The lads enjoyed meting up with some of their old mates which is what Christmas is all about, returning home to catch up with old friends personally  beats  Facebook.

I  drove Jim over from melbourne  in the  reworked V8 he calls "Whitey" as it had to be parked at Tarpeena until he could arrange for it to be transported to Tassie and  I really enjoyed the extra power the car has. More power than Tony's V8 as  it proved on the hundred line. "Whitey" is now parked on the back lawn and has to be shifted when the lawn needs mowing and watering. Just up the hundred line for a trial spin is the go as the motor is still being run in.

I had started a project before Christmas of building a hot house so we could grow some vegetables through the colder months as its hard to get tomatoes here before Christmas with the frosts and the birds love my lettuce and beans Like all my projects it proved more expensive and more laborious than first  envisaged and it wasn't finished at Christmas. That was because as Tony said it was more like an urban development than a shed. But now it is finished, although the internal shelves for the pots still have to be done. But I have taken a sabbatical from development for a week or so.

Bill and Olivia left on the Sunday for a stay at the Grampians, Tony and Jim went back on the Monday and John stayed on for the New Year. He has written a blog on his New Year Thoughts which explains all The Road Ahead.

The Christmas Hurley Burley has ended and routine has settled back to riding with Banjo in the morning doing the tasks that every day seems to bring even though I am supposed to be retired I have no time to relax, which is why these Tarpeena Tales have become less frequent of late. The Home Brew is getting steadily turned over whilst the weather has become so warm. Now  the car needs a new cruise control and  there is a noise in the suspension which is suspect so it has to go to town for an inspection tomorrow. More worries.The darts team needs organising for next winter and if John gets a job away it will need re organising ...life is full on.